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Barney’s Gourmet Hamburgers has distinguished itself not only by offering the best burgers around┬ábut also by cherishing every person who steps into any one of our ten hamburger┬árestaurants. Barney’s is an exciting company where people with a passion for guest service and quality food can succeed. Through internal promotion and the ongoing recruitment of quality external candidates, we offer multiple career paths in our restaurants or the corporate office. We are an equal opportunity company with no limit for those with leadership skills, creativity, individual initiative, and a commitment to the team. We would love for you to help us drive our business forward and have fun at the same time. You can find the application form to join the best burger restaurants below.

HOSPITALITY · We stand for the true understanding and practice of hospitality. We hire for personality and train on our systems.  We look for curious learners with an astute eye for detail.

FOOD · We stand for the perfect execution of our food, every time, every shift.

TEAM · We stand together honoring our commitments of time and duty to each other. We help each other grow in a positive environment.

COMMUNITY · We stand for being a part of each community where we build a burger restaurant, from the cleanliness of our restaurant and our neighborhood to being involved in local charities.

COMMUNICATION · We stand for open lines of communication with our guests and each other. We create a vibe of openness and honesty where we focus on solutions.

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Positions include Line Cooks Prep, Cooks, Busser, & Dish Washer

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Positions include Server, Host, Food Runner, Cashier, & Manager

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