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A California Tradition Since 1978

You deserve to be cherished. Through care, competence, attentiveness, and excellence we act on this belief when you’re in our burger restaurant. Each welcoming visit, each interaction we share with you, each creative, delightful bite of our farm-fresh-to table food you savor, is our way of appreciating you.

In 1978, we opened our first burger shop in Oakland and introduced our award-winning concept of gourmet hamburgers — yes, we were one of the first! Since then we’ve opened nine other burger restaurants and expanded our menu so that everyone who walks in can find something they’ll love. You can also enjoy burger delivery and pick up so that you can have Barney’s anywhere you go.

We are grateful to be winning awards still, but we are most proud of becoming a tradition for the families and friends in our communities.

At Barney’s, We Strive For Uncompromised Quality

The hamburgers on our burger menu are made with natural beef. In fact, all our items, such as our exotic salads, turkey and veggies burgers, soups, scrumptious fries, and milkshakes, are made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. Each time you visit one of our California casual-chic locations, we aim to delight you with an inviting, impeccable ambiance and our very best service and food.

Whether You Are New To Barney’s Or It Is Your Local Favorite,
We Look Forward To Cherishing You.

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